“Since I started the lessons I've lost over 3 stones, I'm more energetic, I drink more water every day and overall feel fitter. I also have more friends, which is always a good thing. Thanks to instructors Mr Kai Wilson and Mrs Sarah Wilson who are awesome, really helpful and positive. They never shout at you and give you loads of motivation to keep going. Also everyone who comes to the sessions is friendly and supportive and every session is great fun. Thanks Sarah and Kai for everything so far. I would definitely recommend Unite Tae Kwon Do & Fitness to anyone who wants to learn a martial art, lose weight or to make new friends.”

Aaron Johnson - 2011
“Kai Wilson is one of the best teachers to qualify on my self defence masterclass. I value him greatly as a teacher, as a friend and also as a wonderful, giving human being. If you can get a chance to train with him I highly recommend that you do”

Geoff Thompson - 2011
“We started our 6 year old daughter at Unite to help her better protect herself at school, but we have since found many other aspects to this club; it has helped her to build up her self-confidence, as well as improving her concentration, flexibility and fitness and general overall attitude completely. I find the lessons well structured, well-disciplined and set for many levels of ability from beginner to black belt, Kai and Sarah are excellent with how they explain things, as are all the other assistant instructors. They have a vast knowledge which they are more than willing to share about martial arts and fitness, including diet and nutrition. They set a good example both to the children and adults. I myself decided to try and use this opportunity of a healthy lifestyle and gave the TKD a go and have now started training twice a week with them in the adult class. I would recommend Unite (and have done) to other parents as an activity that truly is fun for the whole family.”

Steven Turner- student and parent - 2013
“Best thing my daughter has done! She's tried dance, ballet and other activities and hated them all. Tae Kwon Do suits her fantastically, such a warm and friendly atmosphere there, she loves it. It’s nice to see her focus on something and see her improve every week she goes. Mr & Mrs Wilson are great people, they do a super job. Thanks to you both.”

Rose Rowe- student and parent - 2013
“Since starting Tae Kwon Do my daughter’s confidence has grown. She was quite a shy person, but is now more outgoing. I also believe that the classes build on discipline and concentration.”

Mr Halliburton- parent - 2013
“A good mix of fitness training and martial arts, always clearly demonstrated by capable instructors and enthusiastically entered into by all, thanks!”

Mr Ricky Dorell - parent - 2011
“I enjoy Tae Kwon Do because I learn new techniques and it helps me build self-confidence. I have also made new friends of different ages. I also enjoy doing patterns, sparring and knee strikes! There are always plenty of instructors and higher belts to help you out if you get stuck or forget something.”

Katrina Rogers- junior student - 2013
“I’ve been very pleased with how my daughter, Katrina, has progressed in Tae Kwon Do and her confidence has grown. Lessons are filled with plenty of different elements; line work, kicks, self-defence etc. and if Katrina needs help with anything someone is always on hand to give good advice. I cannot fault the teaching style and everyone always looks like they are enjoying training.”

Julie Rogers- parent - 2013
“Our eldest son started Unite TKD in January 2011, since then we have seen a marked difference in his discipline, concentration and self-confidence. Tom has mild dyspraxia and has a visual impairment, the sessions are structured in such a way that he is able to learn and enjoy in a safe environment at his own pace. We were so impressed with Unite we enrolled our youngest son 6 months later. The family atmosphere at the club makes the classes a pleasure to attend and to watch for students and parents alike. Kai and Sarah Wilson make their sessions fun whilst maintaining serious focus as well. ”

Stuart Dainty- student and parent - 2013
“I have been training with Unite Tae Kwon Do for just over a year now. Despite a traumatic injury I gained (out of class!) putting me out of action for 4 months, Mr and Mrs Wilson supported me, kept my spirits high and aided greatly in my recovery. What I love about the lessons is how varied they can be; one week can be a high tempo sweat session and the next, a lower tempo traditional session. The other classmates are also friendly and supportive, varying in sex, age and ability. If I were to use 3 words to describe training at Unite Tae Kwon Do they would be: friendly, professional and inspirational.”

Connor Thompson-Webb- student - 2013
“There are many reasons why I would recommend this club and her are just a few:
  • We have enough great instructors to give you 1 to 1 time when needed.
  • The atmosphere is fun, yet respectful at all times.
  • The fact that I am 50 demonstrates that it really is for kids of all ages!
  • I enjoy the challenge of learning new things and thinking “I’m never going to remember that”, but I do.
  • But by far what makes this club special is the spirit. We all want to help and improve each other, sure we are very competitive, but not to the detriment of others. It is a really good, positive atmosphere for everyone to learn!
A black belt is only a white belt who keeps coming. ”

Pete Vandome- student - 2013